Billy Strings, Streaming Strings, Exit/In

Billy Strings serves up trippy “Turmoil & Tinfoil” during night seven of Streaming Strings tour

Billy Strings took “attendees” of his Streaming Strings tour on a dark and twisted acid grass laced trip during Friday night’s show from the Exit/In in Nashville.

Billy Strings, Streaming Strings, City Winery Nashville

Billy Strings displays effortless versatility as “Streaming Strings” tour hits the halfway mark

If for some reason it wasn’t apparent to you prior to Wednesday night’s show just how eclectic and diverse Billy Strings’ musical palette is, let last night’s show, which included an old-timey John Hartford cover, a cut from reggae icon Jimmy Cliff and an epic Widespread Panic reinterpretation, be a prime example of the bewildering talent that was performing from the City Winery stage in Nashville.