LISTEN: Tyler Lance Walker Gill tells “So Called Christian Politicians” where to go in debut single

By Matt Wickstrom

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Honky tonkin’ songsmith Tyler Lance Walker Gill has stern words for Governor Matt Bevin (and other like-minded politicians) just days ahead of the gubernatorial election with his striking debut single “So Called Christian Policiticans.”

The song begins with Gill having a heart-to-heart with the man above, asking about his followers who “never learned how to walk the walk” before cutting to the chase, saying “but these so called Christian politicians are gonna drag us all to hell.” The disgust with hypocrisy continues with personal tales of “watching homeless vets freeze to death under a bridge or in a ditch” and “being sick without the means to pay my doctor bills,” leading to the artist to conclude that despite his “Christian values” Bevin values profit over people, exclaiming “They lie and cheat and kill and steal all in Jesus’ name / They’re praying on believers and they’re buying what they sell / Oh God I pray you’re up there / So you can send them all to hell.”

Listen to “So Called Christian Politicians” below.

According to Gill, the song came about a couple of years ago after seeing a call to action for Louisville musicians to submit songs for a “Bevin Problem” compilation. Soon after the line “so called Christian politicians” popped into his head, planting the seeds for the song, one of the first written by the artist. After self-recording a demo of the song Gill was connected with La La Land, which was offering free studio time for the Bevin compilation,

“‘So Called Christian Politicians’ is a song about religion, politics, and more than anything, hypocrisy,” said Gill in an Oct. 28 Facebook post. “It’s not for everyone, but neither is the truth, and that’s what this song is. It’s my truth. It’s THE truth.”

Gill’s only scheduled show remaining in 2019 will take place at Kaiju in Louisville on Nov. 10 with Bridge 19 Karen & The Sorrows. For more information visit


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