PREMIERE: Bendigo Fletcher rock the vote on “One By One By One”

By Matt Wickstrom

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — After their ‘Memory Fever’ EP release in September, Bendigo Fletcher returns with a timely single targeting the political situation in Kentucky.

“One By One By One” opens with a bitter call for accountability towards a negligent Governor’s office as the speaker questions their own fulfillment as a responsible citizen. In balance with the song’s melancholy feel, it concludes as a ballad of hope grounded in an appreciation for Kentucky’s natural landscape and the people who share it. While “One By One By One” is sung for Kentuckians, its message resonates in any community in need of positive change through a collective effort.

According to Bendigo Fletcher frontman Ryan Anderson the song came about from listening to powerful stories and calls to action on social media that led him to write about it and feel included in the fight for change.

“To me, the voices that I’m hearing from all around Kentucky sound more harmonious than ever in my lifetime as election day approaches, and the song came out of feeling included in the demand for more from our government,” said Anderson.

“Like the stories I’ve heard recently that influenced my own feelings, maybe the song will reach an able voter who is considering staying home on Nov. 5 to feel included and empowered to fight for change with their vote.”

Recorded in Lexington at Springhurst Studios with Will Chewning, who suggested a technique adapted to the song that includes multiple tracks of slightly out-of-tune guitars to give it a unique texture.

Currently on the band’s BandCamp page with all proceeds going to the Kentucky Natural Lands Trust, the song will be available on streaming services and elsewhere on Nov. 4, just in time for election day.

Listen to “One By One By One” below.

Additionally, Bendigo Fletcher recently signed to Paradigm Talent Agency – who in recent months have also inked Lexington’s Magnolia Boulevard – and thus will be touring heavily in 2020. Keep up with the band by subscribing to Big Blue Tunes below and following

“One By One By One” lyrics

Album art photo by Colin Mong

Kentucky coal dust canary
The darker the mine, the later I realized
the sleep in the cage I once carried
Was kissed into death by the hot cigar breath of
unCommonwealthy bastards in their
mothball polyester jackets
closing all the doors to to keep the
fresh air from the children sleeping
through another school day
teachers tearing down the Capitol

As I lay in the bluegrass
am I deaf to the call
oh, the red birds of autumn
Curse me the good-hearted boy who did nothing at all
while the governor shot them
One by one by one

Desperate November come creeping
A hospital bill for a miracle pill
but I know I’ll remember the feeling
The look on your face of transitional phases winter into spring awoken
voted out the tribe has spoken
dancing now for future rain
the fields are growing green again
the table’s set the wine is poured
and I’m too tickled pink to ask for more

as I lay in the bluegrass
whistling along with the call
Oh, the red birds of autumn
Up from the nest altogether, divided they fall
Sing ‘We got him, we got him’
One by one by one


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