PREMIERE: People Planet return with commanding and melodic “Preemptive Heartache”

By Matt Wickstrom

People Planet is (from left) Madeline Farrar, Daisy Helmuth, Jack Quinn and Charlie Overman

LEXINGTON, Ky. — People Planet are back with its first new music since dropping its debut Power Play EP last December, today unveiling “Preemptive Strike.”

The song shares many similarities with the band’s first single “Rehab” with soft, glimmering vocals that draw you in before being thrown head first into a barrage of chaotic yet melodic pop-punk cast alongside lead singer Daisy Helmuth’s heartfelt and forthright songwriting depicting young love and teenage angst as she drives home the chorus “I don’t know how much more I can take / Living in a state of preemptive heartache / You said I didn’t really love you / And that we were made to break” before later exclaiming “Not much more that I can take / I love you but we were made to break.”

Listen to “Preemptive Heartache” below.

The song was one of a handful recorded with Helmuth’s father Otto over the summer at his home studio prior to Daisy and drummer Jack Quinn departing for college at Depaul University in Chicago and Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, respectively. The band’s other two members – guitarist Charlie Overman, also of doom rock four-piece Forrest, and bassist Madeline Farrar, an accomplished multi-instrumentalist scheduled to be a featured soloist on violin at the Beaufort (S.C.) Symphony Orchestra on Oct. 13 – both are now seniors at Bryan Station High School in Lexington.

Stay tuned for more singles to drop from People Planet along with the occasional show during school breaks and on other special occasions. Keep up with the band at


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