LISTEN: Bendigo Fletcher observes the supernatural on “Solar Eclipse 8/21/17”

By Matt Wickstrom

Bendigo Fletcher. Photo provided by band
Bendigo Fletcher “Solar Eclipse” artwork

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Bendigo Fletcher, the psychedelic folk rock project spearheaded by Louisville-based artist Ryan Anderson, has unveiled “Solar Eclipse 8/21/17,” the first single from the band’s highly anticipated second EP of 2019 via The Fir Trade.

During the solar eclipse on August 21st, 2017, Anderson managed, for a short moment, to take an observers seat to his own life unfolding before him, recalling in penetrating detail the supernatural hues of the nearby trees, the eerie twilight-like darkness, and the unsettling stillness surrounding him and his friends as the path of totality passed over the Kentucky farm where he worked.

“In that time, it did something crazy to my physiology,” he says, “like the feeling when you’re asleep in the passenger’s seat, you wake up on your own street, and it feels like a totally new place. Your brain is still adjusting to what you’re seeing.”

The recording features a stripped down setup from the band’s live configuration, featuring a lone Anderson on guitar and vocal loop paired with keys player Jimmy Rowland, a touring member with Rayland Baxter’s band, leading to a sound similar to Hiss Golden Messenger, Fruit Bats and Vandaveer’s Mark Charles.

The tune begins with the soft strum of Anderson on his acoustic guitar before the artist begins singing with a vocal loop equipped to provide an intriguing layered harmony that flows ever so smooth before picking up speed as a kick drum and Rowland on keys come into the mix to counter Anderson’s catchy lyrical imagery of the outdoors he so cherishes as he proclaims “With appleseeds falling from oak trees of red / I couldn’t question the meaning of any of it.”

Listen to “Solar Eclipse 8/21/17” below.

Fresh off the February release of its Terminally Wild EP and a string of shows in support of Rayland Baxter (who also collaborated with the band on “No Smoke” from the EP), Bendigo Fletcher carries a quickening momentum into the summer months ahead of the September release of a meatier, 7-song Memory Fever EP. The project was recorded in Lexington at Springhurst Studios and later mastered by Duane Lundy at Shangri-la Productions.

Leading up to and continuing after the EP’s release will be a string of Kentucky festival dates including Forecastle and Petefest in Louisville on July 14 and Sept. 7 along with the Moonshiner’s Ball in Livingston on Oct. 12. Other regional, non-festival stops include Nashville’s Basement East and Cincinnati’s Woodward Theatre.

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