LISTEN: Forrest bring hard-driving doom and gloom to “Bubba”

By Matt Wickstrom

Forrest at The Burl

LEXINGTON, Ky. — An outlier in Lexington’s music scene with meaty, hard-driving and psychedelic tones, doom rock foursome Forrest have shared “Bubba,” the latest track from their upcoming Final Frontier EP out next month.

Much like the group’s debut EP Kickball with Russians, “Bubba” was recorded at Springhurst Recording Studio in Lexington. The song illustrates Forrest’s continuing evolution, particularly the prominent interplay of sludgy, ambient moments quickly careening into hot and heavy head-banging bouts.

Listen to “Bubba” below.

The self described instrumental post sludge outfit consists of Riley Logan on guitar, Charlie Overman, also of People Planet, on guitar and synthesizers; Jared McIntyre on bass and Josh Summerville on drums and percussion.

Forrest is among a wave of young, up-and-coming musicians in Central Kentucky that are deviating from the region’s traditional bluegrass and Americana music stylings to breathe fresh life into the scene. Included in addition to Forrest are garage rock trio Johnny Conqueroo, indie rock outfit People Planet, blues rock trio Sour Cream, each of which began garnering the attention of Lexington’s most devout music fans while they were still (and currently are) attending high school.

Forrest will celebrate the release of their sophomore EP at The Burl on July 17 with Dopeslinger, MC II and Vena Cava. To learn more about Forrest and Final Frontier tune in to Wick’s Picks on Lexington Community Radio on July 15 to hear from the band’s Riley Logan and Josh Summerville.

Keep up with all things Forrest by following the band on Facebook and BandCamp.


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