WICK’S PICKS: Ep. 65 (Grayson Jenkins and the Best of 2019… so far)

By Matt Wickstrom

Matt Wickstrom with Grayson Jenkins, middle, and Tom Wickstrom, right. Photo by Mary Clark

LEXINGTON, Ky. — Grayson Jenkins joined Matt Wickstrom this week for episode 65 of Wick’s Picks on Lexington Community Radio.

Jenkin’s appearance marked his fourth on the show, previously joining the program on Feb. 7, 2018; March 4, 2018; and July 2, 2018. This go around we talked with the Western Kentucky bred singer-songwriter about co-writing, summer plans, new recording projects and more ahead of Jenkin’s performance on May 4 as part of the On the Rail Roots Festival at The Burl. In addition to chatting, Jenkins performed three songs—”Picket Fence” (co-written by Nicholas Jamerson), “Kennedy Road” (co-written by Abby Hamilton) and “Cowboy Dream” (co-written by Ryan Allen and Abby Hamilton).

During our second hour we took a look back at some of this critic’s favorite new music of 2019 (thus far). The playlist of songs heard can be found below.

  • “Visions” – Strand of Oaks
  • “Vagabond” – Steve Gunn
  • “Element” – Deerhunter
  • “No Smoke” – Bendigo Fletcher
  • “Bloodless” – Andrew Bird
  • “Whiskey Love” – Southern Avenue
  • “Shoshone Rose” – Vandoliers
  • “Made for Greatness” – Buck the Taxidermist
  • “Cadaver Sniffing Dog” – The Mountain Goats
  • “Young Forever” – Ona
  • “Stones” – Lylak
  • “You Got Me Like” – Mojothunder

Listen to an archive of the show below.

Tune in on Monday, April 29 from 9-11 a.m. for episode 66 of Wick’s Picks on Lexington Community Radio when I’m joined by Abby Hamilton and Jericho Woods. Tune in on the dial at 93.9 FM-WLXU or online at LexingtonCommunityRadio.org.


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