Kentucky artists join forces on “Pine Mountain Sessions”

By Matt Wickstrom

HARLAN, Ky. — A new musical compilation intended to raise funds benefitting the Kentucky Natural Lands Trust and the Pine Mountain Settlement School and featuring Kentucky-bred musicians and poets such as Jim James, Ben Sollee, Wendell Berry, Joan Shelley and Silas House has been released into the ether.

Produced, recorded, and mixed by Daniel Martin Moore and mastered by Mike Montgomery, the four-sided Pine Mountain Sessions features 25 tracks along with a plethora of extra content by ordering digitally or through the project’s official IndieGoGo campaign. Th album’s four sides namesake follows with the region’s seasonal pattern of summer, autumn, winter and spring.

The sessions were recorded throughout the autumn, winter and spring of 2017 and 2018 on the slopes of Pine Mountain in Harlan County inside a near-century-old chapel. The full track listing for the compilation can be found below.

SIDE A – Summer

Maiden Radio is (from left) Cheyenne Mize, Joan Shelley and Julia Purcell
  • Maiden Radio – Dawn Chorus
  • Carl Broemel – Moonbeam
  • George Ella Lyon – Meadow
  • The Other Years – Chapel on Pine Mountain
  • Marianne Worthington – Bounty
  • Nathan Salsburg – Ruby’s Freilach / Low Spirits

SIDE B – Autumn

Daniel Martin Moore. Photo by Michael Wilson
  • Wendell Berry – The Wild Geese
  • Brian Schreck – Abscission
  • Joe Manning with Glen Detinger – Amigo
  • Mary Ann Taylor-Hall – Eternity
  • Daniel Martin Moore – Never Look Away
  • Bell Hooks & Rachel Grimes – Kentucky is my Fate

SIDE C – Winter

Jim James
  • Warren Byrom – Black Mountain Dogs
  • Rebecca Gayle Howell – My Mother Told Us
  • Jim James – Walking in the Snow
  • Ansel Elkins – Hunter’s Moon
  • The Savage Radley – Red Bird Morning
  • Teddy Abrams – Improv on Pine Mountain

Side D – Spring

Ben Sollee
  • Joan Shelley – Awake
  • Silas House – Easter 1954
  • Ben Sollee – Appalachian Chant #1
  • Ada Limón – On a Pink Moon
  • Catherine Irwin – Sugar Cubes & Glue
  • So It Was – One Foot at Once
  • Maurice Manning – Birds Arriving in Dim Light

The following songs and compositions are also included when ordering the compilation digitally:

The Local Honeys are Montana Hobbs, left, and Linda Jean Stokley. Photo by Erica Chambers.
  • Erik Reece – Dead Letter to Li Po
  • Bobbie Ann Mason – Pine Mountain
  • Katie Toupin – Lover Tonight
  • Mark Charles Heidinger – Status Quo
  • Brett Ratliff – ’31 Depression Blues
  • Lydia Burrell – Hey Idiot
  • Lacey Guthrie & Drew Sellers – Better Stairs
  • The Local Honeys – Cigarette Trees
  • Cheyenne Mize – Easier
  • Eric Scott Sutherland – Pine Mountain (A Work In Progress)
  • Maiden Radio – Far From the Ohio
  • Jason Howard – Headwaters
  • Jeremy Pinnell – It’s OK Dear
  • The Ravenna Colt – Pine Mtn. Echo
  • Heather Summers – Red Tailed Hawk
  • Anna Krippenstaple – You Left Me (When I Left Kentucky)
  • Robert Gipe – Trampoline
  • Richard Taylor – Wild Turkeys
  • Lily Lyons – Ladybird

Additionally, the following tracks are available only when ordering from the Kentucky Natural Land Trust’s official fundraising campaign on IndieGoGo:

Wendell Berry
  • Wendell Berry – The Peace of Wild Things
  • Ansel Elkins – Autobiography of Eve
  • Mary Ann Taylor-Hall – Pine Mountain
  • Rebecca Gayle Howell – How to Preserve
  • Marianne Worthington – Full Corn Moon
  • Richard Taylor – The Origins of Dust
  • Wendell Berry – Over the Edge

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