LISTEN: Lylak unveil “Beggar” from upcoming EP

By Matt Wickstrom

Lylak is (from left) Gideon Maki, Paul Varnado, Zach Martin and Elizabeth Varnado. Photo by Molly Quick | Frame Visuals

LEXINGTON, Ky. — Ambient rock foursome Lylak has unveiled “Beggar,” the latest track from their “Leave it to Light” EP due out next Friday, April 12.

“Beggar” features Lylak’s signature atmospheric soft rock sound, leaving a world of room for the mountainous harmonies of Gideon Maki (guitar) and Elizabeth Varnado (violin/misc.) to flourish. Other timely additions come from journeyman drummer/percussionist Zach Martin (Grayson Jenkins, Abby Hamilton) and keys/bassist Paul Varnado, which rise and fall in intensity in correlation to the harmonies’ peaks and valleys, which echo with “I’m a beggar when I need you, and right now I don’t have much to lose.”

“Beggar” was recorded at Sabbath Recording in Cincinnati with Jacob Merrit and Matt Latchaw, with both also providing mixes. Additionally, Merrit produced the project with Alex Chapman mastering it.

Listen to “Beggar” below.

Artwork by Sarah Gillum
Lylak “Beggar”

Find out more about Lylak, “Beggar,” and the EP as a whole when Maki, Martin and Paul Varnado join me from 10-11 a.m. on Monday, April 8, during the second hour of episode 63 of Wick’s Picks on Lexington Community Radio. Maki previously joined the program in September 2018. Listen back on that show below.

After their appearance on Wick’s Picks you can catch Lylak live and in person later in the week when they celebrate their EP’s release with a show on April 13 at The Burl with Turtledoves and This Pine Box.

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