WATCH: People Planet unveil video for “Valentine’s Day”

By Matt Wickstrom

People Planet. Photo by Jordan Vescio Photography

LEXINGTON, Ky. — Youthful Lexington indie rockers People Planet are back at it again, releasing an aptly timed video for their single “Valentine’s Day” from their debut EP “Power Play.” Watch the video, which the band worked on in conjunction with Jackson Dunavant, below.

People Planet released their aforementioned EP on December 28, 2018. The band recorded their EP at the home studio of Otto Helmuth (Otto, The Blueberries), father to the band’s frontwoman Daisy Helmuth. The track includes a rousing performance on pedal steel from Grant Curless (Johnny Conqueroo), adding a subtle honky tonk twang to the tune.

The group, consisting of Helmuth (lead vocals, guitar), Madeline Farrar (bass), Jack Quinn (drums) and Charlie Overman (lead guitar), is among a wave of emerging young bands in the Central Kentucky area that also includes Johnny Conqueroo, Vivian Leigh and Sour Cream. Coincidentally, Sour Cream is due to record their next project with Helmuth as well. Find out more about those plans on the Feb. 18 episode of Wick’s Picks on Lexington Community Radio.

See People Planet live at The Burl on March 3 with Future Thieves. For more information on the band and their Lexington music connections that span generations, listen to the band’s Dec. 3 segment with me from Wick’s Picks below.


However you wanna do it, you’re doin’ it right
And if you wanna groove, just say the word baby I’ll
Place my arms around your neck and I’ll hold you so tight, your
Pretty face right next to mine
Yeah oh this Valentine’s Day Night

Value shoppers, all dressed up in our holiday best
Add the water, I step out of my friend’s fancy dress
Like a daughter, love me like a thing to protect
End game shot her with Cupid’s arrow right in the chest
No one’s ever loved me like this

To you I’d give the world if I could, cuz
In my mind, there’s no one close to as good
No such sunrise on the earth as the one that’s in your
Eyes when you talk about love
Sometimes a whisper’s enough

Dangerous voltage electrocutes me straight to the soul, damn
Anatomic responses got me curlin’ my toes, but
You enjoy it, it gives my cheeks a rosy-ish glow
I’m livin’ for it, the way you make me feel, you don’t know
Lucky doesn’t begin to show

On to the next day of many with you, I’m
Very impressed you stick around like you do
Every happiness just reminds me of you
Young simple bliss, easy like the summer
Oh, and I love you like no other, cuddled
Underneath my covers


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