PREMIERE: Buck the Taxidermist unveil “Made for Greatness”

By Matt Wickstrom

Kyle Ayres of Buck the Taxidermist

LEXINGTON, Ky. — Lexington indie rockers Buck the Taxidermist have released new track “Made for Greatness,” the group’s first new music since their self-titled, EP, out last Spring.

Buck the Taxidermist songwriter/vocalist/rhythm guitarist Kyle Ayres recorded “Made for Greatness” with Cole Clark in Nicholasville, Ky. Joining Ayres in the studio and contributing to the track was Jacob Warren on drums, Jacob Gahn on bass, Blake Hester on guitar/vocals, Zachary Martin (Lylak) on shaker and tambourine, and Samantha Ayres (RYVOLI) and Gideon Maki (Lylak) on vocals.

According to Ayres, the song originated from a riff, lyrically pondering how people shoot for the stars, with some rising to great heights and some falling short, but all with a significant role in society nonetheless.

“I keep expecting it will take something memorable and epic to achieve the greatness in life that our generation has been looking toward,” said Kyle Ayres, the brains behind Buck the Taxidermist. “We were all told we could be anything, not necessarily understanding that the mundane and regular aspects of life are just as important as becoming the next breakthrough artist, big lawyer, groundbreaking researcher… you get the point. This song is just a nod to the regular Joe that the majority of us will be. Just to let them know it ‘takes the average man to lift the great ones to such heights.'”

Here’s to the average Joes. Listen to “Made for Greatness” below. Catch Buck the Taxidermist at The Burl on Jan. 16 with Animal Years and Fighting Futures.


He was tricked into thinking he was made for greatness.
Aimed his goals by the worldly lights.
He’s realized now, it takes the average man
to lift the great ones to such heights.

And he was roped by the wages, they bound his time.
Minutes were fractions of dollars, the concept asinine.
And he’s quite fond of the observation made in time.
You either have your freedom or find it in the dimes.

Leaves blow away like paper on a Sunday morn
The colors green yellow and red.
And people will question the day that they were born
with the answers in their head.

She was born a trend, I saw the windows through the screen
And in her eyes, she’s the queen of everything.
And she’s not fond of the observation she once made.
You either have your freedom or find it in the shade.


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