Nominees announced for 5th annual Lexington Music Awards

By Matt Wickstrom

LEXINGTON, Ky. — Nominees have been announced for the fifth annual Lexington Music Awards, to be held Sunday, Jan. 27, 2019 at 6 p.m. at the Lyric Theatre and hosted by WLEX-TV’s Bill Meck and Angie Beavin. The announcement came via a special announcement broadcast of Overtones with Renee Collins and Whitney Acke yesterday afternoon on Lexington Community Radio (93.9 WLXU-FM).

Vanessa Davis (Jay Flippin Music Edu, Best Female Vocalist, Best Pop, Best Singer-Songwriter) and Ivyrye (Best in Pop, Best in Rock, Best Male Vocalist for Deven Roberts, Best Guitarist for Colin Michael) lead the way in nominations with four. They are followed by Restless Leg String Band (Best in Bluegrass, Best Strings Player for Ishi Wooton, Best Bassist for Joe Schlaak), Maggie Lander (Best Strings Player, Best in Americana/Folk with The Rooster’s Crow, Song of the Year for “Painkiller”) and Rhyan Sinclair (Best in Americana/Folk, Best in Country, Album of the Year for Barnstormer).

Other artists and organizations with multiple nominations include Magnolia Boulevard (Best in Rock, Best Keys Player for Ryan Allen), Taylor Hughes (Best Female Vocalist, Best in Country), Sour Cream (Best in Rock, Album of the Year for Sour Cream), The Twisted Cork (Best Venue, Community Service for Songwriters in the Round), Willcutt Guitars (Best Gear Store, Best Gear Repair), Hurst Music (Best Gear Store, Best Gear Repair for Karen Gleason) and The Burl (Best Venue, Best Sound Tech for Christopher Wheeler).

View all nominees for the awards below. For more information visit



  • The Burl
  • Manchester Music Hall
  • Twisted Cork
  • Green Lantern

Gear Store:

  • Doo Wop Shop
  • Hurst Music
  • Willis Music
  • Willcutt Guitars

Music Business (all areas):

  • Fyre Entertainment LLC
  • POPS Resale
  • CD Central
  • The Album


  • Sneak Attack – Jason Groves
  • NitroSonic – April Edwards
  • Long Island Recording – Steve Nall
  • The Dojo – Steve White

Sound tech:

  • Gator Harrison
  • Christopher Wheeler 
  • Matthew Florez 
  • Kris Morris

Radio DJ:

  • Kenny Cummings (indie)
  • Joey Truax (WLXU)
  • Leo “Freakdaddy” Brown (iHeart Radio)
  • Walt Cee (Walter Hampton) (WLXU)

Gear repair:

  • RS Guitarworks
  • Willcutt Guitars
  • Mike Mankel (Bourbon Barrel GTR)
  • Karen Gleason (Hurst Music)

Jay Flippin Music Edu Award:

  • Beth Dean (Studio 88)
  • Paulie Felice (SDML)
  • Vanessa Davis
  • Marcello Cormio (CKYO)


Female vocals:

  • Vanessa Davis
  • Taylor Hughes
  • Letitia Allen
  • Anna Thiel

Male vocals:

  • Deven Roberts
  • Frank Mabson
  • Gary Bertram
  • Shawn Hatchell


  • Jeff Frohlich
  • Trey Bledsoe
  • John Knight
  • Danielle Barkman

Ben Lacy Guitar Award:

  • Daniel Phelps
  • Todd Stricklin
  • Colin Michael
  • Ross Whitaker


  • Steve Nall
  • Joe Schlaak 
  • Tom Covella
  • David Langley


  • Lee Carroll
  • Ryan Allen 
  • Beth Dean
  • Harold Sherman


  • Joseph Carucci 
  • Michael Cruse
  • Paul Osborne
  • Robert Smith


  • Ishi Wooton 
  • Maggie Lander 
  • George Wakim
  • Blakeley Burger



  • Rainbow Star
  • Rhyan Sinclair
  • Rooster’s Crow
  • Corey Johnson & Taylor Hampton

TeeDee Young Blues Award:

  • Robert Frahm Trio
  • Rachel Crowe
  • Jeremy Short
  • Lightning Rod & the Thunderbolts


  • Dark Moon Hollow
  • The Wooks
  • Restless Leg String Band
  • Southland Drive


  • Lexington Philharmonic
  • EKU Guitar Ensemble
  • Alluring Handbell Ensemble
  • CKYO


  • Taylor Hughes
  • A Little Bit More
  • Jake Ellis
  • Rhyan Sinclair


  • Devine Carama
  • Trap DaVo
  • Sheisty Krist
  • Eric Pistol Combs


  • Alma Gitana
  • DOJO
  • Michael Cruse
  • BAJA


  • Sunny Cheeba
  • Driftwood Gypsy
  • Boogie G & Titanics
  • Rob Dread & KMA


  • Vanessa Davis
  • Brother Smith
  • Big Fresh
  • Ivyrye


  • Sour Cream
  • Ivyrye
  • Magnolia Blvd
  • Mojo Thunder


  • Powerplay
  • Grave Yard Romeos
  • Honeychild
  • The Bats


  • Vanessa Davis
  • Gary Bertam
  • Olivia Peppiatt
  • Michael Tyree


Critics Choice (TBA)

Lifetime (TBA)

Community Service:

  • Twisted Cork Songwriters in the Round
  • Devine Carama
  • Freddie Moore
  • Chester Grundy

Album of the Year

  • Barnstormer – Rhyan Sinclair
  • GYR – Grave Yard Romeos
  • Pistol – Eric Pistol Combs
  • Sour Cream – Sour Cream

Song of the Year:

  • “Painkiller” – Maggie Lander
  • “Berea” – Rainbow Star
  • “We Will Conquer” – Eric Pistol Combs
  • “Behind Closed Doors” – Ray Adams and Whitney Acke


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