WICK’S PICKS: Ep. 46 – 12/3/18 (w/ Coby Langham, The Helmuths and The Quinns)

By Matt Wickstrom

Matt Wickstrom and Coby Langham

LEXINGTON, Ky. — This week Danville-based singer-songwriter Coby Langham and members of The Helmuths and Quinns — two multi-generational Lexington music families — joined host Matt Wickstrom for Wick’s Picks on Lexington Community Radio.

Langham was first to join the program. The part-time trucker and country music songwriter discussed his musical background, early grunge rock phase, assembling the Citizen Band, his upcoming EP Years on the Road, out Jan. 4. Langham also performed two songs live in the studio and let us preview a handful of tracks finished from the EP.

Following Langham was a pre-recorded interview segment with Otto and Daisy Helmuth and Billy, Wils and Jack Quinn. The segment begins talking with Otto and Billy about their coming up through Lexington’s music scene in the late 80s and early 90s with The Blueberries, 10 Foot Pole, and Rebel Without a Cause; watching their kids come up through the same music scene, and much more.

Later in the segment I spoke with Wils Quinn of Johnny Conqueroo and Boytown USA about the band’s founding, balancing music and school, the band’s latest EP Haint Blue and 10in20: A Lexington Recording Project release and more.

The segment later wraps up with the youngest of the group — Daisy Helmuth and Jack Quinn of People Planet. The duo discusses getting their starts in music, joining forces in People Planet, continuing their families musical legacies, the upcoming release of their debut EP and much more.

Listen to an archive of the show below.


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