Sean Whiting delivers soul-shattering performance on “Just the Same”

By Matt Wickstrom

Sean Whiting

PAINTSVILLE, Ky. — West Virginia born, Eastern Kentucky bred singer-songwriter Sean Whiting has unveiled “Just the Same,” the first track off his sophomore album High Expectations.

Whiting wastes no time upping the ante on the track, showing off his dynamic voice that draws comparisons to fellow Eastern Kentuckian Chris Stapleton from the get-go. All the while, David Prince compliments with a heavy, blues-soaked guitar oozing with attitude. Whiting bares all in his performance on “Just the Same,” both in his commanding vocals and honest songwriting.”

“[The song is] about getting out of a relationship or situation while you still can and putting as much distance between you and that person or situation while all the while knowing that it doesn’t matter how much time or distance has passed, you’ll always feel just the same as you did the day you left,” said Whiting.

Teaming up with Whiting on the song are the aforementioned Prince on electric/slide guitar, Chris Justice on bass and Hayden Miles on drums. The track (and album) were recorded at Fat Baby Studios in Whitesburg, Ky., the home studio of Kenny Miles, brother of Hayden and one of the masterminds behind Wayne Graham.

Listen to “Just the Same” below and catch Whiting live in Lexington at the Green Lantern on Nov. 24 with Josh Nolan and Horton Holler.


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  1. I love this song! That blues soaked guitar definitely has an attitude! I would compare to ZZ and George Thorogood, just to mention a couple that used to keep us all on the dance floor all night. But that Sean Whiting!!—man his country blues voice can reach all the way down to the bottom of your heart/soul—-could listen to him all night! 🎤🎸

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