EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Nick Dittmeier & The Sawdusters unveil “City of God”

By Matt Wickstrom

Nick Dittmeier & the Sawdusters. Photo by Tyler Zoller.

LEXINGTON, Ky. — Today Jeffersonville, Indiana based Americana songsmith Nick Dittmeier releases “City of God” from his forthcoming album All Damn Day, out October 26, exclusively on Big Blue Tunes.

According to Dittmeier, the song is about a 1937 flood of biblical proportions that caused destruction up and down the Ohio River, including in Jeffersonville where Dittmeier’s great-grandfather lived. In the song Dittmeier recalls the flood and stories of his great-grandfather, who built many houses in the riverbank neighborhood, traversing to the roof of one of his homes to escape the rising floodwaters.

“All the dreams we’ve planned / They slip through my fingers like the river sands / It’s a deafening sound / My dreams turn to mud and slammed to the ground” Dittmeier sings in reference to the uprooting of lives resulting from the flood. “I’m in control, I’m in control / Even though you don’t think I am / In the city of God we don’t give a damn.”

Tucked away in a rural Indiana farmhouse alongside Indianapolis-based producers Jason McCulley (Josh Kaufman, Milbranch String Theory) and Ryan Koch (The New Etiquette, J. Elliott, Kate Lamont), Dittmeier was able to focus his energy while writing and recording these tunes with minimal distraction. Surrounded by nothing but sunny cornfields, he broke “down the flow of sentences and certain kinds of prose,” he says. “There are some unconventional song forms within the record.”

With All Damn Day, Dittmeier embraces the role of a storyteller with this collection of ten deeply introspective character sketches. He takes on each mantle so convincingly, it is often difficult to separate Dittmeier the person and Dittmeier the artist. But that’s the allotment most singer-songwriters of his caliber bear.

Dittmeier returns to Central Kentucky for performances on October 13 at Harrodsburg Oktoberfest and October 20 in Lexington at the Green Lantern. Listen to “City of God” below.

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