Short & Company to release debut album “Lost in a Spin” March 29

By Matt Wickstrom

Photo by Melissa Stilwell

LEXINGTON, Ky. (March 5, 2018) – Hailing from Jackson, Ky., also home to Sturgill Simpson, Jeremy Short was raised in a family where music poured out everywhere, whether it be at church, the dinner table or elsewhere. The son of a rock ‘n’ roll drummer, Short first found his professional groove as lead guitarist and frontman for the R&B horn band, Downtown King, and the lead guitarist for Sasha Colette’s red-hot Americana backing band, The Magnolias. 

Now armed with his own water-tight rhythm section, the twenty-something rounds out Short & Company with the talents of Trevor Litteral (bass, backing vocals) and Taylor Jones (drums, backing vocals).

While Short and Company have built blue-collar audiences, electrified crowds in Memphis, and bested hundreds of bands to make it to the semi-finals of the International Blues Challenge, they’ve also quickly become a favorite in the regional festival and club scenes.

Influenced by a wild-eyed range of guitarists such as Frank Zappa and Robin Trower and blessed with sweet Southern flowing vocal soul, Short––and his lock-step Company––testify that there is still plenty left to be added to the great scrolls of soul-shined Southern Rock.

Short released his first solo EP, Songs From the Chicken Shack, in January 2014. Although it was one helluva stringer full of country-fried Delta-slide blues keepers, Short says recording it was vastly different from recording Lost in a Spin, his debut with Short & Company, out March 29.

“Recording my EP was a great learning experience in terms of figuring out how to harness my sound and make the most of my time in the recording studio,” Short said. “But recording Lost in a Spin got me, well, literally lost in a spin.”

“On one day I remember particularly well, I was so focused on getting the best ‘feeling’ vocal take for everything we had worked on that day, that I’d forgotten to eat,” Short added. “We were working on “Dead and Gone,” which has an especially emotional bridge that I wanted to channel the right energy into, and we eventually did––12 hours later. I was on such an emotional high that eating didn’t even cross my mind till after we were close to home, and by then I was already paying the physical price.”

That dedication to detail and strive for authentic, emotional vocals is evident on tracks ranging from their first single, “If the Spirit Moves You,” which you can listen to below.

Short & Company will celebrate the release of Lost in a Spin with album release shows at The Burl on March 29 in Lexington and March 30 at The V Club in Huntington, WV., but first Jeremy Short will appear solo on Wick’s Picks for an hour of music and conversation on March 28 at 9 a.m. on Lexington Community Radio.

For more information on Short & Company, including tour dates and to pre-order Lost in a Spin, visit

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