Wick’s Picks: November 19-25


Sunday, November 19

Hard Times
The Parlor Mob
And You Were a Crow

Monday, November 20

Colorful Revolution
The Redwalls
Universal Blues

Tuesday, November 21

Muscle for the Wing
The Maldives
Muscle for the Wing

Wednesday, November 22

Don’t Say a Word
Major and the Monbacks
Major and the Monbacks

Thursday, November 23

Change of Pace
Change of Pace

Friday, November 24

Arrogance Blues

Saturday, November 25

Hard to Please
The Black Lillies
Hard to Please



Sunday, November 26

11 a.m. – “Willie’s Live Jazz Brunch” w/ Raleigh Dailey Trio at Willie’s Locally Known

4 p.m. – “A Round for the Hounds” w/ Kris Bentley (of Sundy Best) at Slainte Public House)

8 p.m. – The Delta Troubadors w/ Anti-Pressure, Nick Mudd at The Burl

9 p.m. – “Grateful Sunday” w/ Lee Owen and friends at Cosmic Charlie’s

Monday, November 27

6:30 p.m. – “Old-Time Jam” at Broomwagon Coffee + Bikes

6:45 p.m. – “Woodsongs Old-Time Radio Hour” w/ Tommy Emmanuel at The Lyric Theatre

8 p.m. – Tee Dee Young at TeeDee’s Bluegrass Progressive Club

8:30 p.m. – “Funniest Comic East of the Mississippi” at Willie’s Locally Known

9 p.m. – Mike Dillon Band at Cosmic Charlie’s

Tuesday, November 28

6:30 p.m. – “Happy Hour Yoga” w/ Yoginiliv at The Burl

7:30 p.m. – “Oxford American’s 2017 Kentucky Music Issue Launch & Commonwealth Cultural Celebration” w/ Joan Shelley, The Wooks, 1200, Tee Dee Young, Brett Ratliff, Johnny Conqueroo at The Burl

8 p.m. – Northside Sheiks at Henry Clay’s Public House

8 p.m. – “Tuesday Night Blues Jam” at Lynagh’s Irish Pub

Wednesday, November 29

6 p.m. – Arnold Farr at Lynagh’s Irish Pub

8 p.m. – “Red Barn Radio” w/ Tough Old Bird at ArtsPlace

8 p.m. – Josh Fayne (“Gobbler Badges” album release) w/ special guests at Al’s Bar

8 p.m. – Blank Range w/ Much Obliged, Delafaye at The Burl

9 p.m.  – “Movie Night” featuring Troll 2 at Cosmic Charlie’s

Thursday, November 30

5:30 – Liam’s Fancy at Lynagh’s Irish Pub

7 p.m. – Chris Lane w/ Dylan Schneider, Bailey Bryan at Manchester Music Hall

7:30 p.m. – Trans-Siberian Orchestra at Rupp Arena

8:30 p.m. – Victor & Penny at Willie’s Locally Known

10 p.m. – Ivyrye w/ Vanacava, Cannon Eyes, Abby Hamilton at Cosmic Charlie’s

Friday, December 1

5:30 p.m. – The Yonders at Lynagh’s Irish Pub

6 p.m. – Derek Spencer at Brasabana

7 p.m. – Ben Lacy & Corey Cross at AZUR

7 p.m. – Wes Smith (of Brother Smith) at Slainte Public House

8 p.m. – Tinderbox Circus Sideshow w/ Ford Theatre Reunion, io Ravine at Cosmic Charlie’s

8 p.m. – “Al’s Block Party” w/ Coughinz, Owls to Athens, Home Grown Head Band, Schumann, TBA at Al’s Bar

6 p.m. – “Coats for Cover Benefit for The Nest and Believing in Forever” w/ Joslyn & the Sweet Compression, Johnny Conqueroo, The Summit, Devine Carama, Sunny Cheeba, Robert Frahm at The Burl

9 p.m. – “The Bats Ugly Sweater Holiday Smackdown” w/ The Bats at Willie’s Locally Known

9 p.m. – Kyle Eldridge at Lynagh’s Irish Pub

9 p.m. – Acarya w/ Radiolaire, Sempervivi at Best Friend Bar


Saturday, December 2

6 p.m. – “Chasing the Lightning” movie viewing w/ Tedesco at The Burl

6 p.m. – Willie Eames at Brasabana

6 p.m. – “Goodfellas Distillery Christmas Party” w/ The Kentuckians Chorus at Goodfellas Distillery

7 p.m. – DJ Rice at AZUR

7 p.m. – Jackyl at Manchester Music Hall

7:30 p.m. – “A Very Wine & Pop-Tarts Christmas IV” w/ Tyler Gooch (comedian), Bryan Bulkley, Brett Wolff at Al’s Bar

8 p.m. – The AmpFibians at Lynagh’s Irish Pub

8 p.m. – A Mild Inconvenience (“Declivity” album release) at Rock House Brewing

9 p.m. – Rebel Without a Cause w/ Slo-Fi at Willie’s Locally Known

9 p.m. – Born Cross Eyed at Cosmic Charlie’s

9 p.m. – Grayson Jenkins & The Resolutions w/ Arlo Mckinley & The Lonesome Sound, Sean Whiting, Wayne Graham at The Burl

10 p.m. – Nativity Singers w/ Easy Fiction, FuzzCuzz at The Green Lantern Bar


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