Tough Old Bird returning to Red Bard Radio Nov. 29

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Nov. 20, 2017) –  Red Barn Radio Live Presents a program with Tough Old Bird.


Formed in the small community of Fillmore, NY. by songwriting brothers Matthew and Nathan Corrigan, Tough Old Bird plays modern folk music that reflects the landscape it comes from, a place where the last train just pulled out and the carnival is always on its way to the next town.

Since its formation in 2013, Tough Old Bird has taken its music to bars, festivals, coffee shops, music clubs and radio stations all over the Eastern United States. On May 19th Tough Old Bird released “Where The Great Beasts Are Buried,” a new collection of six sparse songs recorded at home between June and Dec. 2016.

The core of Tough Old Bird’s sound comes from Matthew Corrigan’s intricate acoustic guitar work, and from the voice and nimble harmonica playing of Nathan Corrigan, who holds a degree in literature and brings a poetic sensibility to the duo’s lyrics. Accents of accordion and waves of electric guitar give Tough Old Bird a sound that is at once modern and ancient.

Tough Old Bird recorded “Where The Great Beasts Are Buried” near their home in rural Western New York. This album was an attempt at putting a group of songs together that was more thematically similar than the group’s past work. The band says they approached their previous full-length “Gambling Days” with more of a “here’s everything we can do” mentality. But the new group of songs seemed darker, more personal, and more lyrically intense, full of rich imagery. The songs were recorded with sparse arrangements to try to get more space into the recordings.

Since Tough Old Bird last played on Red Barn Radio in Nov. 2016 they’ve embarked on a cross-country tour that took them to the west coast and back this June.

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Tough Old Bird

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