Dawg Yawp, Los Colognes bring contrasting psychedelic vibrations to The Burl

By Matt Wickstrom

On a Friday night that featured a smorgasbord of top shelf music including Mike Dillon and Big Fresh, it was Cincinnati’s Dawg Yawp and Nashville’s Los Colognes that stole the show at The Burl in a show co-organized by Dead Audio Blog.

Dawg Yawp opened the night with a synth and electronic heavy set that opened with fan-fan favorite “I Wanna be a Dawg”. The set also included “East Virginia Blues”, “Can’t Think” and “Lost at Sea” as the finale, which received a standing ovation from an enthusiastic Lexington crowd that sitar player Tyler Randall referred to as the band’s second home.

Los Colognes followed with an equally psychedelic sound, but leaning┬ámore strongly toward influences of The Grateful Dead and Dire Straits (shout out to Travis Young for the comparison). The group drew a large contingent in the audience who saw them in Louisville at Forecastle the prior summer. The group performed “Molly B Good”, “Working Together” and many of their other top hits along with a Grateful Dead Cover (although I don’t recall the specific song.

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