Photos: Blackfoot Gypsies Feb. 10 in Lexington (The Burl)

“The Blackfoot Gypsies returned to Lexington on Feb. 10 at The Burl for an encore to their stop there last July, the first show in the room. For the show, the Gypsies were supported by local bands The Other Brothers and Alcatraz Shakedown.

The Blackfoot Gypsies have made Lexington a home away from home in recent months, performing at several different venues in town including The Green Lantern and Willie’s Locally Known along with The Burl. The group’s spring tour will see them circle back through central Kentucky once again in The Moonshiner’s Ball from May 19 to 21.”

Blackfoot Gypsies bassist Dylan Whitlow. Photo by Matt Wickstrom.
Blackfoot Gypsies harmonicist Ollie Dogg. Photo by Matt Wickstrom.
Blackfoot Gypsies guitarist Matthew Paige. Photo by Matt Wickstrom.

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